In Loving Memory of Faith & Nelson Groom

This Album is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Faith & Nelson Groom.  Unfortunately, my father passed away a few months before we started recording this record and my mother passed before we could get it done. However, none of this would have been possible without their love and support over the years. I wish they were still alive to hear this.  I Love & miss them both so very much.  I wrote "Pretend" after my father passed away, but I dedicate this song to both of my parents.  I still have their phone numbers saved in my phone. I will never delete them.

To My Family, Friends & Colleagues

Kelly Groom - Thank you for always being an amazing sister, human, inspiration and best friend. I have always looked up to you! I still consider you one of the best singers I've ever known. Love you Sissy!

Joe & Ruth Allen- Thank you for all of your love & support.  What you both did for me as a teen is invaluable and I wouldn't be where I am today had y'all not been there for me. I love and miss you two very much. <3

Linda Christen - Thank you to one of my dearest friends and biggest fans.  I have so many fond memories of spending time with you & playing music on your back porch.  I hope I can make it back to VA soon & see you!! Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me.  I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love and miss you!!

William J Buffa (a.k.a. Bill - my "Honey Bunny") - I am so blessed to call you my partner in crime. <3 Thank you for all of your love and support and everything you do.  I love you. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for you being by my side through this bumpy ride called life. Thank you for helping out on this project, as well. You are my rock and the love of my life. Thank you for making me a better person and putting up with my crap ;) XOXO <3

Joshua Seth Eagan - Thank you for being a great friend & understanding my musical vision and working with me on this labor of love and believing in me. I am really proud of what we accomplished!  You saw what I was capable of when I didn't think I was & we created something really beautiful & I can't wait to see what this record does!!  Your artistry, expertise & guidance has been amazing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to realize these musical paintings of my so called life.

Lee Bench, John Cranfield, Ken Eisennagel, Sam Madill, Karl Eagan & Dave Carlock - Thank you all for all of your hard & extraordinary work on this album. Dave, thank you for pulling off the the most epic last minute string arrangement ever!! Karl, your Horn & string arrangements and your Piano are STELLAR!! John & Lee, your mixes are beautiful.  John, you killed it on Soldier Boy! Ken & Sam, your engineering is top notch & Sam, the masters turned out wonderfully. I am truly amazed & blessed to work with the best and be able to call all of you my friends!

James Zota Baker - Thank you for your patience & your artistry on this project.  You are truly gifted & it means a lot to me the care & hard work you put into this record.  Thank you for being a constant throughout this body of work. I am in awe of your talent. I love those tasty and beefy licks! ;)

Jimmy Haslip, Jesse Vasquez, Sal Marqez, Hans Zermuhlen, Doug Webb, Lee Thornburg, Daniel de los Reyes, Walfredo de los Reyes, Pete Swann, De Autry Jones, Corey Gem, Chris Kleiner  - Thank you all for your contributions to this album.  I am in awe of every single one you and your talents.  I know how lucky & blessed I am to have had such amazing artists as you all be a part of this record.  I look up to all of you & your musical accomplishments and sometimes I have to pinch myself & ask myself if it's all real! <3

Julia Pierce, Meltem Ege, Andrew Butler, Ashley Roper, William J Buffa, Giorgia Vanni, Bob Reynolds, Lucia Pegoraro Park - Thank you for lending your beautiful voices to this record.

Ashley Roper  - you were there at the beginning of this record and  if it weren't for the studio, I would not know you and I am so lucky to have you in my life.  Thank you for your contributions to this record. I have a lot of fond memories!!<3

Selene Gorman-Rose, Bobbi Rawlings & Sarah Parker - Thank you for being there & helping me through some of my toughest struggles as an artist out here in LA. I Love & miss y'all!! 

Slushes Gals - Karen Mennuti, who sang with me at my very first ever gig at Pedros!!! Joanne White, Tina Loane, Maria Lehman, Stacy Martin, honorary Slushes Gal, Larry Laska, and the rest of my college friends, for always encouraging me & being supportive when I was first starting out.

MJ Lavine, Julia Pierce & Andrew Butler - Thank you for your friendship & unconditional love. My best friends. I am truly blessed to have y'all in my life. I love you all very much & I wouldn't have it any other way!!  

Jeff Millar Sax - Thank you for the unconditional love & support you have given both Josh & I through this project.  You are a light and a true inspiration and I am lucky to call you friend.

Chris Kleiner - All those years ago at the Rainbow Bar & are one of the best friends I've ever had.  You never sugar coated anything and I am grateful.  Meeting you is why I am here right now and I would have never met Josh and everyone else had it not been for you.  It's amazing how the universe works and even though life has been bumpy at times and downright hard, I wouldn't change any of it. Thank you for being a part of my life & musical journey.

Rachel (Bennette) Repoff-Martin - Thank you for being a support and a great friend when we lived 2 blocks south of Normal Avenue.  We went through a lot in the few years that we were neighbors.  I have a lot of fond memories. I am blessed to still have you in my life!!

Daniele Dino, Kimberly Dillon & Kristine McBride Acosta- y'all are my oldest gal friends out here in LA and I am so grateful to the 3 of you. Eventhough we don't see each other often these days, I cherish all the memories I have & want y'all to know that your love & friendship means a lot to me.  Thank you for your positivity and encouragement over the years. Y'all kept my head above water when the struggle was real. XOXO